Prize – பரிசு – Sujatha

We identify ourselves some of the struggles especially the middle class ones when we read about them in a story or a novel. We recall similar sacrifices made by our parents/brothers/sisters and the story strikes a chord. 'Prize' by Sujatha (Eldorado – Sujatha and Nagaram – City – Sujatha) is one such short story. You desperately wish the... Continue Reading →

Radiopetti – Adventurous Listening

Couple of weeks back, I watched a Tamil movie on Netflix, Radiopetti - ரேடியோபெட்டி -(Radio Box), by Hari Viswanath. The movie is about an old man and his Radio. Anyone who has ever listened to old Radio would feel a personal connect with the movie and I recommend watching it. It has rave reviews and has... Continue Reading →

A Marriage in Mumbai and an M-50

Marriages, as the proverb goes, are decided in heaven; but they are performed in our cities, towns and villages. We planned to attend one such marriage in Mumbai and our next adventure after the Yezdi trip happened. The Yezdi, as mentioned in my previous post, more often than not, was in the mechanic shop than with... Continue Reading →

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