Margazhi Festival and MLV

JK (my brother) called (video call) in the morning to show the temple he was visiting in Coimbatore. I could listen to Thirupaavai playing in the background. The Thirupavai rendition was from M L Vasathakumari or MLV as she was affectionately called. Thirupaavai is collection of thirty stanzas (பாசுரம் - pasurams) sung by Aandal on Lord Vishnu (or Perumal in Tamil). She had composed it probably in the eighth or ninth century. Aandal was the only female in the twelve azvars and the Thirupaavai is part of Divya Prabandham - an important literature in Tamil. It's sung in the month of Margazhi (the month falls mostly between December 15th and January 14th).

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