Tinkering (with) a Petrol Tank & Tweaking a Windows (in Mac)

We get to read some of the most inspirational stories in Primary School. I remember two of them vividly; one is the little Dutch boy who plugged the leak in the dyke using his finger saving Haarlem from flooding. The second is, how Robert Bruce, while resting in a cave, got inspired watching a spider... Continue Reading →


What Should I Tell Father – Asokamitran.

Asokamitran became one of the most influential writers in Tamil literature. A prolific writer, he began writing in 1953 and produced more than 200 short stories, eight novels and 15 novellas. His novels on the celluloid industry, 'The Star Crossed' and 'Manosarovar' are all time classics. He portrayed the struggling urban middle class in most... Continue Reading →

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