Two Songs For The Weekend.

Tony Askew, my super boss at BetzDearborn had an acerbic wit. Although he was British, he lived most of his life in America, and I guess, this was the reason, his humour was not the understated kind one normally sees with British people. He spent few years in India and we were fortunate to learn... Continue Reading →

நான் ஆட்டோக்காரன் – சென்னை நாட்கள்.

திரு இரா முத்துசாமி, எனது கருமாரி அம்மன் கோவிலும் கணக்கு மார்க்கும் – சென்னை நாட்கள்.  blog படித்துவிட்டு, 'இந்த அனுபவங்களையாவது தமிழில் எழுதுங்கள்' என்று சொன்னார். எனது சில நண்பர்களும், உடன் பணிபுரிபவர்களும், "சார் நீங்க இங்கிலீஷில் எழுதினால் பார்க்கிறோம், ஆனால் படிப்பதில்லை. தமிழில் வருவதை தவறாமல் படிக்கிறோம்" என்றார்கள். இரண்டு வாரங்களுக்கு ஒரு முறையாவது தமிழில் எழுதலாம் என்று நினைத்தேன். பிரச்சினை என்னவென்றால் தமிழில் சிந்தித்து உடனே எழுதுவதைவிட ஆங்கிலத்தில் வேகமாக சிந்திக்க எழுத முடிகிறது.... Continue Reading →


The Santa Claus Chitti.

The word aunt in English denotes both mother's and father's sister. But most of the Indian languages have different words for aunt; in Tamil, Chitti means mother's younger sister and father's sister is called Athai. In the winter of 1995, I was taking a chemical (Polymer) trial in a paper plant near Kalyan, a distant... Continue Reading →

Two Finger Typing – Asokamitran

Asokamitran first appeared here in What Should I Tell Father – Asokamitran. He is known for his simple style and prose. He does not waste too much time in description and commentary. Just a word or two and he would go straightaway into dialogues. This is one of my favourite stories. Read on.... Two Finger Typing இரண்டு... Continue Reading →

Mary, the lamb – Prapanchan

Teachers are fascinating people. At least I can say that about the teachers till I was in school. They inspire thousands of students every year. I have mentioned about two such teachers of mine in my blog, Two Great Teachers. Some of the most interesting short stories I have translated are about teachers, Ku Azhagirisamy's  Kumarapuram... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday – Kapil Dev

Mohan Ram and I met Kapil Dev, the legendary cricketer the other day. I am exaggerating a bit here. Saying 'hello' and getting smiled at in return would not constitute a meeting. We saw Kapil Dev in person would be more apt. (Mohan Ram ended up taking a selfie though). Cricket fans who watched the... Continue Reading →

Crow Parliament – Subramani Bharathi

Subramani Bharathi or Mahakavi Bharathiyar, as he is affectionately known, is perhaps the best known poet from Tamil Nadu. In cricket parlance he was an all rounder a la Garfield Sobers. He was not just a poet, but also a freedom fighter, social reformer, fiery orator, an outstanding spokesperson for women's liberation. His thoughts and... Continue Reading →

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