Radiopetti – Adventurous Listening

Couple of weeks back, I watched a Tamil movie on Netflix, Radiopetti - ரேடியோபெட்டி -(Radio Box), by Hari Viswanath. The movie is about an old man and his Radio. Anyone who has ever listened to old Radio would feel a personal connect with the movie and I recommend watching it. It has rave reviews and has... Continue Reading →

Eye Witness – Movie with Mohan Ram.

A Tamil proverb says, "திருட்டு மாங்காவுக்கு ருசி அதிகம்" means, "stolen mango is tastier." The same applies to movies as well. The movie you bunked class to watch seemed more thrilling. While most of the students bunked class to watch a movie during college days, my friend Mohan Ram and I started it during school days. First... Continue Reading →

Our first brush with Amma Jayalalithaa.

I think it was Naseeruddin Shah, who once famously remarked, “If Presidential Posts are only ceremonial, let’s have Jayalalithaa as our President. At least we can have a beautiful photo hanging in Government Office Walls.” She was a Rajya Sabha MP when he made those comments. I completely agreed with the observation. She looked very... Continue Reading →

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