Au Revoir Jet Airways

A typical monsoon day in Mumbai. Heavy rains were lashing the city and suburbs. I was boarding the airline’s bus from the terminal to the aircraft. The driver first parked the bus near the aircraft and immediately realised that the passengers would get drenched in the rains for a second before they could get on to the ladder. He requested the passengers to stay inside and manoeuvred the bus nicely so that passengers could get off from the bus directly into the ladder. This incident always stayed with me.

You guessed it right. It was Jet Airways where service and attention to details came first. Not like India’s famous airline today who take you to the tarmac and make you wait under the hot sun even before the passenger who had arrived had gotten out of the aircraft.

Rachna sent me the news story from CNN which stated ‘India’s Jet Airways collapses as banks pull the plug.’ 

When I wrote the blog ‘The Joy of Flying,’ I did not expect this would happen so quickly. I still hope the airline is revived for the sake of all the stakeholders – the investors, the employees and the passengers. That’s why it is Au Revoir and not Goodbye Jet.

Here is the link to my blog: Jet Airways and the Joy of Flying.


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  1. Ramesh, my hunch is that Jet will bounce back for a second stint. Unlike Kingfisher Jet has got brand value even with or without Naresh Goyal in the cockpit. Matter of time before fresh dose of funding, albeit heavily, happens.


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