The God and Kandasamy Pillai – Pudumaipithan

Pudumaipithan was one of the most influential writer in Tamil and major contributor to Manikkodi Litrerary Movement. His stories are characterized by social thinking and satire and progressive for the era. My personal favorite is ‘The God and Kandasamy Pillai – கடவுளும் கந்தசாமி பிள்ளையும்.” The equanimity of the struggling doctor is just amazing. The satire and the simple narration of the story will take your breath away.

Read on…..

The God and Kandasamy Pillai

கடவுளும் கந்தசாமி பிள்ளையும்


Melagaram M K Ramasamy Pillai’s only son, Melagaram M K R Kandasamy Pillai alias Chelleppa, was standing at a safe corner at the junction where “Broadway” and “Esplanade” meet and he was thinking seriously, “If I take the tram it will cost one and quarter ana (Ana is six paise and remember this story was written in 1943). I will have quarter ana left. I can have Beetle-nut in the near by shop and walk home. Or if I can board the bus, cheat the conductor and buy the ticket after the bus crosses Central station and buy ticket to Triplicane, I can have half a cup of coffee but will not have money for Beetle-nut!”

“If the conductor is repeatedly calling and saying, “cheat me! Cheat me!” cheating him i.e. cheating him without him realizing that he is being cheated is not morally wrong. If I had bought the ticket only from Central yesterday as he had asked, I would have left with money for coffee!”

“If I can have cup of Coffee now, I will feel better!”

When Kandasamy Pillai was in this moral dilemma, The God appeared before him.

He did not appear and make Kandasamy frighten with overwhelming devotion and compel him, “take this boon!”

He just asked, “How do I go to Triplicane?”

“You can go by Tram or by bus or you can keep asking the way and walk! The route to Madurai is in your mouth!” Said Kandasamy Pillai.

“I did not ask the route to Madurai. I asked for Triplicane. Which is the short cut?” both laughed.

They extricated themselves from the milling crowd and stopped beside a cobbler.

The progeny of Melagaram Ramasamy Pillai was forty-five years old; his body looked as if he has grown these forty-five years without food and water; He had few strands of black hair in otherwise totally white hair; Unshaved face; piercing eyes which can locate a friend amidst a crowd afar; Calico shirt, calico dhoti and calico Angavastiram (a long pleated piece of cloth worn on the shoulder or around neck).

Kandasamy Pillai looked intensely at the man who asked for route. He could not guess his age. It could be sixty or sixty thousand. But he looked like he never had to worry for food all these years and looked very healthy.

The hair was completely white without a strand of black hair, uncombed; the mane fell on his shoulders and stood erect. At the center of the throat there was big black mole. The black eyes wandered around on all sides and cut onlookers. His laughter? Kandasamy Pillai was frightened by the laugh sometimes, and sometimes it looked like a lilting laugh of a child.

“I feel very thirsty!” said The God.

“You won’t get water here! We can have coffee; here’s the coffee hotel!” said Kandasamy Pillai.

“Come! Let’s drink and see what’s coffee!” replied The God.

Kandasamy Pillai is a non-differentiator. He does not differentiate between known and unknown people.

“OK let’s go!” said Kandasamy Pillai. But he a had doubt, “suppose the man asks me to pay the bill?”

“If there is no courage, only difficulty will come upon!” thought Kandasamy Pillai.

Both entered a big hotel (restaurant is generally called Hotel in Tamil). The God followed Kandasamy Pillai.

They sat on a table. Without allowing the bearer to recite the menu, Kandasamy Pillai ordered, “Two Coffee, hot and strong”.

“Don’t forget Tamil. You should say Two Cups of Coffees” corrected The God.

“Not like that! Two cups of coffee is correct!” Kandasamy was determined to show his mastery over Tamil.

The God, defeated, looked at the ceiling and said, “Tall Building. Plenty of sunshine!”

“Then what? This is a big hotel and not a small cottage! Do you think it’s like building a temple? Health Department officials won’t permit that! Said Kandasamy Pillai determined to show who has a superior knowledge among the two of them.

The word “Temple” shook up The God.

“Means what?” said The God. He was not going to leave even after being defeated.

“Tell me what do you mean by hygiene?” The God asked.

“Oh! You need to make sure by cleaning all the tables with anti-septic lotion. You need to consider that flies and mosquitos are equivalent to beasts. That too if they enter a hotel like this, it’s dangerous and can kill you” said Kandasamy Pillai. He was astonished with his speech and wondered if Goddess Saraswathi (Saraswathi is The Godess of learinig) has come into his tongue and making him speak like that.

The God was not listening to this. He was watching a fly, which was struggling in a spilled drop of coffee on the table. It was struggling to come out.

“Look! here is a fly” said The God and stretched his hand out to help. The fly flew off but the spilled coffee touched his hand.

“Oh you have touched the spilled coffee. Take this water and wash your hands under the table” said Kandasamy Pillai

“You would not let fly inside. But washing the hands under the table is hygiene!” murmured The God.

The bearer brought two cups of coffee and placed it on the table.

The God took the coffee and sipped. His face brightened as if he has drunk nectar.

“It’s my magic” said The God appreciating the coffee.

“It’s not your magic, but the hotel owner’s magic. He has mixed chicory in the coffee powder” replied Kandasamy Pillai. “Your magic is in paying the bill!” he murmured in The God’s ears. He was proud that he has solved the bill issue.

“What do you mean by chicory power?” The God asked with doubt.

“Chicory powder is like coffee but not coffee. It’s like some people dupe the world using The God’s name! Said Kandasamy Pillai.

Hearing the word “God,” The God was startled.

When he was about to pay the bill, The God removed a new hundred Rupee note and gave it to the cashier. On seeing this Kandasamy Pillai was shocked.

“Won’t I give change if you ask me? Why hundred rupee note for three anas coffee? To cleanse your eyes or your mind?” shouted the owner of the hotel.

“We came only to have coffee” said The God.

“Then you should have brought change” said the owner, but seeing the crowd near the cash counter, he wanted to avoid any argument, counted the change and gave it to The God. “Ninety-Nine Rupees and Thirteen Anas! Check yourself” (Sixteen ‘anas’ make one Rupee).

“If you say so it’s OK.  I don’t know to count!” said The God.

They came out of the hotel. There was not much crowd. They stopped and looked around.

The God removed fifth currency note of Ten Rupees from the wad, folded it and tore it off. He threw it.

Kandasamy Pillai thought this guy must be a mentally sick. He stood shellshocked and his mouth agape!

“He wanted to fool me by giving a duplicate note; I fooled him!” said The God.

“If you had given me the note, I would have held the Brahmin’s throat and got it exchanged!” said Kandasamy Pillai.

“You accepted the chicory powder. It’s the same! For him Ten Rupees was big. So I let him fool me,” said The God.

Kandasamy was confused how to say goodbye to someone who voluntarily bought coffee for him.

“You wanted to go Triplicane no? Let’s take the Tram!” said Kandasamy Pillai.

“No No! I will faint. Let’s walk slowly” said The God.

“I have been walking the whole afternoon. I can’t walk even one more step. Let’s take the Rickshaw” replied Kandasamy Pillai. I am showing the route to him. The man who can tear off a Ten Rupee note can pay for the Rickshaw, he thought.

“Oh the vehicle pulled by man! That’s good!” commented The God.

Both climbed on to a Rickshaw. “Sir, please wait! Let me light the lamp” said the rickshaw-puller.

It was getting darker and electric lights were coming on.

“We have formed a close relationship so fast. I don’t know who are you and you don’t know who am I. In this noisy crowd of the city we met like this……”

The God smiled. His teeth were shining in the dark. “Let it be who am I. Tell me first who are you?” he said.

Kandasamy Pillai always felt happy about talking about himself. And he is not going let go an opportunity if someone came voluntarily in a running Rickshaw and asked him to talk about himself.

“Have you heard about a medical magazine Siddha Medicine Deepika?” he asked The God.

“No!” replied The God.

“So I should assume you are not familiar with Medical Science?” said Kandasamy Pillai.

“No I am familiar with Medical Science!” said The God.

“So this is a tricky situation!” thought Kandasamy Pillai. “You are familiar with Medical Science but let’s take it that you are not aware of Siddha Medicine Deepika. Then your medical knowledge is not complete. I have seventeen years of issues well-bound. You should come home and read them. Then only….”

“Seventeen years which means seventeen times twelve which is tow hundred and four” The God was frightened. “May be it’s a quarterly magazine” he was trying to console himself.

“Deepika is a monthly magazine. The subscription rate for inland is One Rupee per year and 3 Rupees outside India. Life subscription is 25 Rupees. It will benefit you if you join as a life subscriber. I can send magazine for one year and then we can think about life subscription.” Kandasamy Pillai was trying to cajole The God to buy a subscrption.

“He wants be to me to read 17 volumes and then become a subscriber, he is chasing me!” thought The God and asked him, “whose life?”

“Your life; not my life and not the magazine’s life. That’s indestructible. Even if I die someone will run the magazine. I have made arrangements for that” Kandasamy Pillai said.

At the same time, the rickshaw-puller reduced the speed of the vehicle, turned back and looked at them.

“Why are you turning back? Look! Motorcars are coming! Go fast!” Kandasamy Pillai hurried the rickshaw-puller.

“What sirs! Are you human beings or evil spirits? The cart is so light and I feel I am pulling the wind!” said the rickshaw-puller.

“We will give the fare which will make you feel light like wind. Go fast!” shouted Kandasamy Pillai.

He turned to The God and said, “also I am practicing medicine. Siddha is good. The income is just about enough for the magazine and my family. I have written about one special treatment in current issue. I got an ancient palm leaf. Many such medicinal usages are mentioned in that”.

“He is not stopping!” thought The God and asked, “on an average how many people you treat to kill?”

“Nothing to be proud of! You should also remember that the medicine practice feeds my family and me. The illness should not be cured fully and at the same time the patient also should not die. Then only you can do business with the patients who come for treatment. If you treat with ‘patient or illness’ as the motto, you can’t do business. Illness should reduce step by step. Nothing should happen to medicine or the patient. That’s the secret of business. Otherwise would it be possible for me to run the magazine for seventeen years?”

The God shook his head as if he understood.

“Show me your hand! Let me check your pulse” thus spoke Kandasamy Pillai and held The God’s hand.

“In the running cart?” The God asked.

“That depends on the expertise of the doctor!” replied Kandasamy Pillai.

“Your acidity levels are very high! Looks like you use poison as well?” he asked little softly.

“You are really great. So many other things are also there” smiled The God.

“We are talking on so many subjects! Where in Triplicane? asked Kandasamy Pillai.

“House No 7, Venkatesa Mudali Street” said The God.

“Hey Hey that’s my address! Whom do you want to see there?”

“Kandasamy Pillai!”

“Oh alright! That’s me! I don’t know who brought us together. Must be the God! But I am not able to recognize you. Who are you?”

“Me? The God!” replied The God casually. He looked at sky and combed his beard with his hand.

Kandasamy Pillai was shocked. “God? why would he come to earth?” he thought.

“I came to see the earth. I am your guest for few days” said The God.

Kandasamy Pillai spoke with a flutter. “You can stay for any number of days. I have no objection.  But don’t tell anyone that you are The God. I have no issue if others think you are mad. But my wife should not think I am mad!”

“Stop the Rickshaw near the Lamp Post!”

The Rickshaw stopped, both got down.

The God gave him a shining one-rupee coin.

“You should live long” blessed the rickshaw-puller.

How can you bless The God?

Kandasamy Pillai shouted at the rickshaw-puller, “how can you bless an elderly man?”

“Don’t say that! It’s been years since I have heard something so nice. I am happy” said The God.

“If you had given him two Anas less you would have known!” commented Kandasamy Pillai.

“Sirs I am bound by what’s fair and not bound by what’s unfair. I am always available in the nearby Rickshaw stand” said the rickshaw-puller.

“I know what you are bound to! You are bound to Arrack and Toddy” shouted Kandasamy Pillai.

“God has no eyes. He made you to make these comments and made me to listen to them” said the rickshaw-puller as he pulled the cart away.

The God laughed aloud and laughed again. He was feeling very happy.

“This is the earth” said Kandasamy Pillai.

“Is that all?” asked The God.

Both walked towards the house and The God stopped near a lamp-post near the house.

Kandasamy waited for The God.

“Devotee!” called The God.

Suddenly the old man disappeared.

And then Lord Shiva appeared. He was wearing a Tiger skin. His mane was flowing and appeared with moon on his head.

He called again, “Devotee!”

Kandasamy Pillai understood.

“Hey God! This boon and all will not work with me. You will go back after giving me a boon. Then another God will appear. He will ask my head. I am not stupid to take a boon from you and lose my Head in the bargain. You came to see the earth and wanted to be my guest. I don’t have any objection. If you want to have relationship with me, you should behave like a man like me. You should follow the human code of conduct. Don’t forget what I said and come home with me,” said Kandasamy Pillai raising his voice.

The God followed him silently. He though what Kandasamy Pillai told was correct. On earth, no one did any better after taking a boon from The Gods.

Outside his house, Kandasamy Pillai asked, “should I call you Paramasivam or Ammaiappa Pillai?”

“Paramasivam is correct” said The God Paramasivam. (Paramasivam in one the many name of Lord Shiva).

“Then I will make a relationship of father and call you Father” said Kandasamy Pillai.

“Don’t call me father! Call me Uncle! Then I don’t have worry about my wealth” The God laughed. He decided he should be careful with the human beings.

“What’s your wealth then?” asked Kandasamy Pillai.

“The whole of Earth” replied The God.

“Don’t worry! I am not that greedy” said Kandasamy Pillai as he touched the steps of his house.


A small lamp, burning at the centre of the front hall was making the place look like sanctum sanctorum of temple (little light in a dark room). After that a long dark corridor and one could nto guess what was lying beyond that. A small girl, about four years old was playing. She was very beautiful. Beauty, which would fill your mind and steal your heart. She had a very old hairstyle. Her hair was split at the centre and tied with a straw of a plantain tree. It was coming over to the front whenever she bent herself and blocked her eyes. She had a piece of charcoal and a piece of tile in her hands and she was trying to draw something on the floor and whenever she bent down the hair would fall and block her vision again. She was trying to remove the straw using both her hands but it was tightening instead of loosening up. And it hurt her. When she was contemplating should she cry or make one more attempt to untie the straw, her father walked in.

“Daddy” she cried and ran towards him and tied around his legs. “What have you brought for me?”

“I have brought myself” replied her father.

“What daddy everyday you are bringing only yourself. Can you not get at least some sweetmeats?”

“That’s not good for your health. Look I have brought a Grandpa for you”

“Is this your child” asked The God. He could not take his eyes off the child.

Kandasamy Pillai backed down a little and hesitated. (Remember the story when The God visits a devotee and ask for his son to be cooked as meal)

Don’t worry. I am a complete vegetarian now. I eat only rice from mud pots and don’t even take milk or curd.” The God laughed.

“Yes she was born a long time after our marriage” replied Kandasamy Pillai.

“Sit down here. Water won’t come in tap now. I will bring in a pot” he said and disappeared in the darkness.

The God removed his Angavastram and sat down in the hall.

He was feeling very peaceful……………

“Dear neem leaf, come here!” The God called the child and held out his hands.

The Child came running and sat on his lap.

“My name is not Neem leaf. It’s Valli. Dad calls me blackie. Am I like that?”

She did not expect a reply. She was looking at the big black mole in The God’s throat.

“What’s it Grandpa? It looks like black Jamun (plum). I want to bite and eat it.” The child was speaking with a twinkle in her eyes. She stood up from his lap and gently pressed her soft lips on the mole. …….

“I feel shy” The God was twisting his body.

“Why Grandpa? You got hurt in Fire? Look at me! I also have a burnt wound.” She showed him her fingertip, which had a scar of a burn.

“Yes child! It’s black Jamun (plum) only. Once upon a time some people gave me the fruit and I swallowed it. My enemies caught my throat and squeezed. So the fruit got struck in the throat” said The God and asked her, “do you have friends to play with you?”

“Vattum and charcoal piece is there. Can we play tipri?” the child called The God to play.

The God and the child started playing.

The God bent one leg and started jumping from one square to other.

“Grandpa you are out!” the child clapped her hands and laughed.

“Why?” asked The God.

“Your leg touched the line” replied the child.

“You should have told me before” said The God.

“Why did you start playing without knowing the rules of the game” the child asked.

At the same time, Kandasamy Pillai was coming inside and his wife followed him with a pot of water on her hips.

“This is my uncle from Kailasapuram. One of my relative from Karisankulam is married to his cousin’s son.

“Oh you used to say he has become a philosopher and vagabond” said his wife and bowed in front of The God.  Her big earrings dashed against her chin.

Mrs. Gandhimathi felt peace at heart which she has never felt before.

“You have left the sack of rice outside the house” The God reminded Kandasamy Pillai.

“I can’t talk enough about his forgetfulness. I just asked him did you get rice and he said no. He gives medicine to whole city but no one can give medicine to his forgetfulness. Only God should stand next to him and watch him” said Gandhimathi Ammal.

“The God is watching always” said The God.

“But he should laugh at him as well then only he will learn” said Gandhimathi Ammal.

The God laughed.

“I told you not to do any silly magic” Kandasamy Pillai murmured in The God’s ears.

“Not any more!” said The God.

Kandasamy Pillai tried to lift the sack of rice. It did not move an inch.

The God laughed at him and picked sack and placed it on his hips.

“You should not lift” said Gandhimathi Ammal and shouted at Kandasamy Pillai, “just give him a hand and help him.” She was feeling bad.

“You don’t worry! Where should I keep this?” asked The God.

“Let it be there in the hall. You keep it down” said Gandhimathi Ammal not allowing The God to move further.

When The God and Kandasamy Pillai finished their dinner and came out to thinnai (sit out), the time was eleven in the night.

“What to do now?” asked The God.

“We should sleep now” replied Kandasamy Pillai, yawning.

“Grandpa I will sleep with you!” said the child.

“Ask mom to rollout the mat and pillows” said Kandasamy Pillai.

“Are you asking me to sleep?” asked The God.

“When you are in earth, you should behave like human beings. Even if you are not interested in sleeping, just lie down. Otherwise people would assume things!” said Kandasamy Pillai.


Kandasamy Pillai was sitting on the floor and writing for his magazine in his office in Pavazhakara Street. He was wring a thesis on Bogar’s book which was published in his magazine every month.

‘OK let me tell you one more thing, take Sugarcane and with boiled water add Karuda Pichu, Pulluruvi, Naloomathai (all herbs)’ he was writing these lines and saw the postman did not stop in front of his house and murmured “magazine will not go today as well” and rolled his magazine and popped his fingers. He was desperate for some money to publish the magazine this month.

A rickshaw came and stopped in front of the house. The God and Valli (the child) got down. She was wearing a silk skirt and her hands were filled with candies.

“Grandpa and I saw Zoo and the Museum” she jumped with joy.

“Why do you people build a big building and fill it with skeletons, bones and skin? Is it to tease me?” The God asked referring to the Museum. Irritation was evident in his tone.

“Who on earth would do things with such wisdom. They have done this to show the magic of creation of life. Let it be! Give me 25 Rupees. I will make a lifetime subscription in your name. The Magazine has to go today positively” said Kandasamy Pillai and extended his hands.

The God laughed, “This is cheat to whom? For Whose Benefit?”

“I am not interested in donation. I don’t like to borrow from you as well. That’s why I thought let it be a business transaction. OK you talked so much about goodness on earth. But don’t you know everything from Ghee to Sesame Oil is adulterated here?” said Kandasamy Pillai.

The God sank in his own thoughts.

“Ok Leave it! In Bogur’s book there is an herb called Karudapachai! Is it Karudapachai or Karudapichai” asked Kandasamy Pillai.

“I am responsible only for creation not for naming them. Why are you putting it on me?” asked the God and continued, “I created you. But your father named you Kandasamy Pillai. Am I responsible for that as well?”

“Both of you are tired and you are angry as well after roaming in the hot sun. So don’t think you have won the argument. I am only thinking if you curse me suddenly, this 25 Rupees subscription you gave me will go waste. That’s my worry!” said Kandasamy Pillai.

Valli who was removing the candy from the wrapper said to The God, “Why are you talking to Father? He does not know anything! You eat this candy. It’s so sweet”

As he was eating the sweet Laddu, The God said, “Valli, you can eat the whole Laddu; whatever breaks is for me!”

Valli was holding the Laddu and started thinking.

“Grandpa. The whole Laddu will not go into my mouth. And you are telling me whatever breaks is yours. So nothing for me?”

The God started laughing and said, “No child. Everything is yours!”

“The whole Laddu?” asked Valli

“Yes. only for you”

“Then I will not be hungry and mom will beat me and father will give me medicine” the child started worrying.

“Don’t worry. You will be hungry” said The God.

“Even if You had bought the sweet for the child, remember it’s from a Hotel” warned Kandasamy Pillai.

“I am there!” said The God.

“When did I say you are not there?” Kandasamy Pilli said.

After some time Kandasamy Pillai asked, “After today’s expense how much balance is there in your hundred rupees?”

“After your 25 Rupees for subscription, I have 50 Rupees balance” replied The God smiling.

“After you spend this money then what will you do?” asked Kandasamy Pillai.

“I am also confused” said The God.

“You can practice medicine like me” said Kandasamy Pillai

“I don’t want to compete with you.”

“Don’t think like that. You are not competing with me. You are competing with the fools in this world. If you are not interested in medicine, then you can do Philosophical Disclosures.”

“Are you suggesting a gainful employment? Will I make money for my survival?” The God smiled.


“You know I can dance well. I can ask Goddess to come if you want. What do you say?”

Kandasamy Pillai thought for a while and said, “I am not very keen in this idea!”

“Then what is the plan for work? The whole earth survives on our dance?” said The God.

“As you like” said Kandasamy Pillai.

Kandasamy thought for some more time and said, “Come on, let’s go.”

“Child?” asked The God.

“She is sleeping? Let her sleep till we get back.” Kandasamy Pillai said.

After fifteen minutes three people were standing in front of Diwan Bhagadhur Bragtheeswara Sastrigal’s bungalow. (Diwan Bhagadhur is a title given to prominent prople during British rule). One was Kandasamy Pillai, next was The God and third was Devi (The Goddess – Parvathi).

“I am giving him Thanga Pasmam (a tonic made out of Gold dust which keeps you in good health and helps in longevity). So he will listen to me” said Kandasamy Pillai and started climbing the stairs to the verandah. The other two followed. The Goddess was carrying a small sack in her hands.

“Is sir there? Tell him I have come” said Kandasamy Pillai to the servant in an authoritative tone.

“Oh Mr. Pillai! Welcome. We are little worried that Thanga Pasmam stock got exhausted” said Diwan Bhagadhur as he walked towards them and sat on his ease chair and greeted them. He wore a silk dhoti and wore Gold Rimmed spectacles. He was very fat.

“Sit! Sit!” said Diwan Bhagadhur

Kandasamy Pillai checked his pulse, “You look OK. I will send the tonic in the evening. I came here to introduce this couple to you. Both are expert dancers. It would be great if you can introduce them to your Nirthiya Kala Mandali” (a cultural association for dance programmes).

Diwan Bhagadhur’s joy shrank as a tortoise would shrink its head and legs. He cupped his hands and held them to his chin and just shaking his head, “Yes!” “Yes!”

“His name is Koothanar (Koothanar – dancer, it’s one of the names of Lord Shiva in Tamil) and this is Parvathi. They are a couple” Kandasamy Pillai introduced The God and The Goddess.

“I have not heard about them! Have you danced anywhere before?” asked the Diwan looking at Devi.

Not letting The God to answer, The Goddess replied, “There is no place in the earth we have not danced.”

“Anyway I have not heard about you before. Also Devi is very dark. Won’t shine in the hall. That’s why I am thinking” said Diwan Bhagadhur.

“Have you come to see the lady or you want to watch the dance?” asked Devi in anger.

“Madam don’t get angry. There is no relation between colour black and cultural programme. I have been the president for this club for thirty years. Only the eyes of the audience are black” said Diwan Bhagadhur.

“Let your club rot” said Devi as she stood up.

“Don’t get angry” said Kandasamy Pillai and stood up with Diwan Bhagadhur.

“They dance in a new style. You would not have seen such performance in these parts. Let us see once.” Recommended Kandasamy Pillai again.

“OK let’s see” said Diwan Bhagadhur and closed his eyes, “let it start”

“Where can we get a big space?” asked Devi as she looked around.

“Let’s go to the center of the hall” said The God.

“OK” they went and closed the door.

After few seconds, loud music came from inside.

Mayana Rudiran – he is

Mayan Rudiran

(Lord Shiva is known for earth shaking dance).

Doors opened

The god was in his Tiger skin cloths, a snake adorning his neck, thick mound hair falling from his head and a Trishul in his hands. He was standing like a statue.

The music played again. As if he has twisted lightning, The God turned around. The Trishul shook in his hands. His eyes sparkled as if he was drunk. He smiled and lifted his legs.

Kandasamy Pillai’s heart throbbed. For a moment he thought, The God has forgotten his promise to him that he would behave like a normal human being. He stood up shaking.

“Hey Koothanar (dancer)! Stop your koothu (dance)”

“This is a sham. Why are they dressed like barbarians of Borneo” Diwan Bhagadhur shouted.

The God just stopped his dancing feet and reclined on his Trishul and stood like a statue.

“Hey! Do you know anything about the Art? You have worn Tiger Skin. If you have to wear a snake, you should wear an imitation. Would you wear a live snake? You should wear silk which looks like tiger skin. The Art should be pleasing to the eyes. Even if Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva dance like this, it will not be called dance according to the art of dance. First you put all the snakes in a bag and remove your make-up. Children are playing here. Be careful!” said Diwan Bagadhur.

He did not leave Kandasamy Pillai also. “Hey! Just because you are giving me medicine I can’t watch this dance and introduce them to the club. I can’t walk on the street if I do this!”

After fifteen minutes they were sitting in Pillai’s magazine office. The Devi was not there. The child was sleeping on a mat.

Both were keeping quite. After few minutes The God said, “looks like I can’t survive with the skills I have.”

“You did not like what I suggested. The world does not like what you like; may be you should run a Vedic School!”

The God sighed.

“So already the earth is sour for you?” asked Kandasamy Pillai.

“When I have seen one human being it means I have seen the world.” Replied The God.

“So what would be looking at you give me?” smiled Kandasamy Pillai.

“We can only stay afar and give boons to human beings. But we can’t live with you.” Said The God.

“All The Gods are only good for that!” said Kandasamy Pillai.

After that there was no one there to speak to.

Twenty-Five Rupees was lying on the Table.

‘Received from Paramasivam Pillai of Kailash Mountain – life subscription Rupees Twenty-Five.’ Kandasamy Pillai credited the money in his ledger.

The child woke up asking, “Dad, has Grandpa left for his village?”

*****                                                                                                  November – 1943

You can get his works here pudumaipithan

 Pudumaipithan copy

Pudumaipithan or Puthumaippiththan (Tamil: புதுமைப்பித்தன்), is the pseudonym of C. Viruthachalam (25 April 1906 – 5 May 1948),[1] one of the most influential and revolutionary writers of Tamil fiction.[2] His works were characterized by social satire, progressive thinking and outspoken criticism of accepted conventions. Contemporary writers and critics found it difficult to accept his views and his works were received with extreme hostility. He as an individual and his works have been extensively reviewed and debated for over sixty years since his death. His influence has been accepted and appreciated by the present day writers and critics of Tamil fiction.[3][4][5] In 2002, the Government of Tamil Nadu nationalised the works of Pudumaippithan.[6]Wikipedia


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  1. I read this story again recently after one of our conversations. Truly a great one written with such a flow and superbly capturing the mood and simplicity of a common man. Vet well translated. This generation is blessed to get an opportunity to read


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