The King Who Attracted His Subjects – Thi. Janakiraman

Couple of news items I read in the past weeks, reminded me of this story from Thi. Janakiraman. There was an hoarding from a leading daily newspaper wondering how politicians are not bothered about high price of petrol who always travel with an entourage of cars when the common man is driven to desperation whose... Continue Reading →


Ijaazat – Stories from Waiting Rooms.

Last week I watched the movie 'Ijaazat' (permission) from my movie collection; one of the things in my 'bucket list' is to watch the best movies at leisure and write about them. Produced during the end of Golden Era of parallel cinema (period defined by me - from mid seventies to late eighties) the movie... Continue Reading →

Prize – பரிசு – Sujatha

We identify ourselves some of the struggles especially the middle class ones when we read about them in a story or a novel. We recall similar sacrifices made by our parents/brothers/sisters and the story strikes a chord. 'Prize' by Sujatha (Eldorado – Sujatha and Nagaram – City – Sujatha) is one such short story. You desperately wish the... Continue Reading →

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